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Frank DeFreitas Holography

I research laser and hologram technology: for the future of
Christianity and the Holy Bible on earth and in space.

The future of Christianity and the Holy Bible in space
Photo: DeFreitas Holography Archives / Holo-Gram Newsletter (L.O.C. ISSN 0890-152X)

see lasers and holograms at the Scranton, PA Maker Faire @ Johnson College

Documenting the Bible

Archaeology holograms of the ancient Bible world

This 3D laser hologram project documents artifacts of ancient civilizations of the Bible.

My latest (2015) series of 3D laser holograms documents many key historical events in the Old and New Testaments. Archaeologists continue to discover ancient artifacts that match the accounts given in the Holy Bible. Holography is a way to take these Biblical heritage artifacts anywhere on earth today, and tomorrow in space.

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Christian 3D History

The history of Christian 3D imaging science and technology

150 years of Christian three-dimensional imaging science and technology in American popular culture.

A very unique collection, unlike any other in the world today. Items range from 19th century stereo photography, 20th century lenticulars, view-master, to 21st century laser holograms, digital 3D-HD auto stereoscopic and beyond.

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Future Evangelism: Lasers

Laser research and future evangelism

Future communication technologies that may help spread the Good News on Earth and beyond.

My research with stealth micro holograms, free-space laser communication, and holographic image beacons. This research may result in exciting new opportunities for evangelism, leading far into the future. I call this work: Emerging Technologies and the Great Commission.

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Holograms: Documenting the Bible

History of Christian 3D Imaging

Future Evangelism: Laser Technologies

Holographic Light Art

The Holographic Nature of Positive Thinking

Videos of my Hologram Projects

History of Holography in Photos

How to Make a Hologram

What Are Lasers Used For?

PDF Student Study Guide (450k)

HoloKids: Holography Kids Page

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Meet Frank DeFreitas

Frank DeFreitas 2015 My name is Frank DeFreitas ...
After a lifetime of service with lasers and holograms, I spend my time caring for my 20,000+ piece history of holography archives and welcoming the occasional visitor from around the world. Officially retired, I now have time to work on my own holography projects, and I enjoy sharing my historical and future applications knowledge through speaking engagements and presentations. You can contact me below…

Frank DeFreitas
Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
Phone: 610-434-8236
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