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My name is Frank DeFreitas. I research laser and holographic technology ... for the future of Christianity and the Holy Bible on Earth and in space.

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antique hand pointer Holograms and Microscopes Holograms and Microscopes

Holograms and Microscopes: See how 3D laser holograms can be viewed under 3D stereoscopic microscopes -- as if the original object were really there. But the object isn't there at all, it is a holographic image. The magnification can also be self-contained within the hologram itself. See and read about many examples.

antique hand pointer REMBRANDT and the Bible

COMING SOON for 2018: Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn spent many years creating well-known, copperplate etchings with Biblical themes from both the Old and New Testament (over 900 works). He focused a great deal of attention on the life and activities of Jesus Christ. This proof-of-concept project will concentrate on the scientific and technological methodology of Rembrandt utilizing lasers, holograms and nano technology. It will be officially released in Fall 2018 in New York. The entire project will be documented, presented and exhibited with Wonders of the Bible beginning in 2018.

antique hand pointer Shroud of Turin Laser Research

Whether or not you believe that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ, it remains THE most studied artifact in world history. My 2017 project shows how the Shroud cloth fibers can be holographically recorded, duplicated many times, then sent around the world for high-power 3D microscopic visual examination by scientists. Shown at both World Maker Faire, New York Hall of Science, and by invitation to the New York Microscopical Society in 2017.

antique hand pointer My Facebook Page Wonders of the Bible Facebook Page by Frank DeFreitas

Join over 170,000 enthusiasts from around the world who enjoy following my regular posts on Facebook. You can see and learn about holograms, lasers, optics, micro and nano technology, stereoscopics, and much more. Hope to see you there!

antique hand pointer Free Student Study Guide Lasers, Holography and Photonics Primer

Lasers, Holography and Photonics Primer: Here is a great PDF student study guide that you can read and / or download to help with your understanding of lasers, optics, and holography. It also contains history and bios of some of the early researchers in the field. You may use it for homework assignments. Please give credit to holoworld.

antique hand pointer Holograms, Light and the Word of God Holograms, Light and the Word of God

Holograms, Light and the Word of God: Energy and power are contained in the light spoken into existence by Jesus Christ on Day One of Creation. He is the awesome and powerful Creator of the universe. This paper / lesson shows the connection between holograms, light, and the Word of God.


* Lancaster, Pennsylvania *, Institute for Scientific & Biblical Research; * New York City, NY *, New York Hall of Science, 2017 World Maker Faire; * Glen Rose, Texas *, The Creation Evidence Museum; * Newark, Delaware *, Creation Celebration Conference @ Grace Church of Newark; * Clifton, New Jersey *, Holograms Under Microscopes, New York Microscopical Society; * Newark, Delaware *, Scientific and Biblical Creationist Fellowship. For more information on booking a presentation and exhibit, please visit Wonders of the Bible.

antique hand pointer Noah's Ark Holographic Imaging

Wood returned from an expedition to the summit of Mt. Ararat was brought to my studio lab in 2016 in order to be recorded as 3-dimensional holograms. This page documents that entire project.

antique hand pointer Natural Laser Action in the Antediluvian Atmosphere

Natural lasing action has been found throughout space. On this page I examine the possibility of pre-flood earth being illuminated via natural laser action.

antique hand pointer Holograms of Biblical Artifacts

Laser holograms give us the ability to record priceless Biblical artifacts, then display the holograms themselves around the world. This allows the original artifacts to remain safely within their museums, with no risk of damage or theft. One would have to travel around the world to see all of these artifacts. Now they all can be exhibited together through holography.

antique hand pointer Christianity and Emerging Technologies

This is a section that began back in 2012, as I started working with Christian-based laser and holography project. You'll find the hologram Bible, along with the World's Smallest Lord's Prayer. These are nano technologies that are utilized to help spread the Gospel.

antique hand pointer How To Make A Hologram

Want to know how to make a hologram? Step into my laser lab and see how it is done, with step-by-step DIY photos. All of it possible in your own home or school. You can print out this page for reports and homework.

antique hand pointer Holography for Kids

The original online laser and hologram science fair learning page for students. Today's youth are the future of this emerging technology. A great resource for home schoolers, too. One of the few laser and hologram resources online that is presented by someone with 30+ years of real-world experience. Be safe and be sure right here.

antique hand pointer The Holography Archives

Here you will find over 2,000 (!) photos related to the history of lasers and holography. You may use these photos for homework and reports. They are part of my larger, 20,000+ piece historical collection here in Allentown, PA. Please give credit to

antique hand pointer Hologram of the Moon

Blue Ribbon Winner, New York Hall of Science, 2011.
I produced an award-winning 3D laser hologram of the moon. It was (and remains) one of my most ambitious holography projects. The two ground-based, telescopic photographs that make up this 2-channel holographic stereogram were taken 150 years apart.

antique hand pointer My Holographic Light Art

Abstract landscapes of light are created by passing lasers and other light sources through holographic optics and quartz known as Cape May Diamonds. Shapes, colors and patterns never before seen are revealed to the viewer for the very first time ... after being encoded within the quartz since their creation.

antique hand pointer My Name on Titan: Moon of Saturn

Do you like astronomy? Do you like the great planet Saturn? Take a moment to read a fantastic story. It is the extraordinary (and true!) story about having my name on the surface of another heavenly body: Titan, the famous moon of the planet Saturn. It was the first landing ever accomplished in the outer solar system. If you love space, you'll love this story . . . and you'll never look at Saturn the same way again.

antique hand pointer What Are Lasers Used For?

Perfect for reports and homework, this web page gives students of all ages a printable list of what lasers are used for today. Laser technology is all around us in our everyday living. Find out just how much this is true.

antique hand pointer Making Holograms with Laser Pointers

Diode laser and laser pointer holography didn't begin in a professional laboratory, it began in three home basements -- and was documented every step of the way right here at HoloWorld. Here are the original project notes from start to finish. Includes the world's first hologram created using a solar powered laser. I am honored to have been part of this history. It changed the world of holography forever.

antique hand pointer Collecting Holograms

The ultimate (and original) guide to laser and holography collectibles. Covers everything from holograms to advertising to posters and post cards (and more). For nearly twenty-five years, this guide continues to be an inspiration for people all over the world to begin their own collections.

antique hand pointer Careers in Lasers, Optics & Photonics

Now that you've begun to explore the world of lasers & photonics, you may be wondering if this could fit in with your future career planning. Absolutely! In this section, I'll give you some information on things to consider when you're exploring careers in general. I'll also share some Internet resources that can guide you in your search for careers in the field of lasers and photonics.

antique hand pointer How to Create Your Own Hologram Portraits

A step-by-step guide for amateurs and hobbyists for creating your own hand-made DIY portraits and stereograms. If done carefully and properly, one can create beautiful 3D hologram portraits of family and friends.

antique hand pointer Who Is Frank DeFreitas?

You wouldn't go into a strangers house, would you? I didn't think so! Web sites are no different! Before you begin your visit here at HoloWorld, take a few minutes to learn about your host (me), and my 30 plus years of award-winning service to the laser and holography fields of art, science and technology.

antique hand pointer Visit Me in Allentown, PA

Since 1983, I have opened my door to visitors from around the world. As of 2017, I have moved into my private retirement residence. I thank you for your years of interest in visiting me.

antique hand pointer Contact Information

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