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Frank DeFreitas Holography

I research laser and hologram technology: for the future of
Christianity and the Holy Bible on earth and in space.

The future of Christianity and the Holy Bible in space
Photo: DeFreitas Holography Archives / Holo-Gram Newsletter (L.O.C. ISSN 0890-152X)

see lasers and holograms at the Scranton, PA Maker Faire @ Johnson College 2015

Documenting the Bible

Archaeology holograms of the ancient Bible world

World famous ancient Biblical artifacts recorded as 3D laser holograms.

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Christian 3D History

The history of Christian 3D imaging science and technology

150 years of Christian three-dimensional imaging science and technology in American popular culture.

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Future Evangelism: Lasers

Laser research and future evangelism

Christian based laser communication technology research for the future.

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School of Holography

Holograms: Documenting the Bible

History of Christian 3D Imaging

Future Evangelism: Laser Technologies

Holographic Light Art

Videos of my Hologram Projects

History of Holography in Photos

How to Make a Hologram

What Are Lasers Used For?

PDF Student Study Guide (450k)

HoloKids: Holography Kids Page

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Meet Frank DeFreitas

Frank DeFreitas 2015 My name is Frank DeFreitas ...
After a lifetime of service with lasers and holograms, I spend my time caring for my 20,000+ piece history of holography archives and welcoming the occasional visitor from around the world. Officially retired, I now have time to work on my own holography projects, and I enjoy sharing my historical and future applications knowledge through speaking engagements and presentations. Contact (USA): 610-434-8236. My full bio page is here.

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