Christianity and Laser Technology

I research laser and hologram technologies: for the future of Christianity on Earth and in space.

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Holograms, Light ... and the Word of God (214k download)

Holograms, Light … and the Word of God


Christianity and Laser Technology

Emerging Technologies and the Great Commission

After spending 30 years in the field of lasers and holograms, I was given a vision and calling to begin developing Christian evangelistic applications. The objectives for my work are four fold: (1) to help reach those persons in areas of the world where more traditional evangelistic methods are dangerous, even life threatening (stealth laser technology); (2) to research archival recording methods for Scripture and historical artifacts (3D laser holograms); (3) to one day communicate the Gospel to, from, and between human colonies on the Moon, Mars, and beyond (free space laser communication); (4) to prepare youth for future evangelism, utilizing (and further developing) these new technologies.

-- Frank DeFreitas.

Introduction to Micro Holography Laser Holograms and Microscopy (download) Christian Holography 3D
Here is an introductory 12-page PDF file with photos that gives a bit of history behind my research with micro stealth holograms. I wrote this for the British online magazine Micscape for September 2013. You will need the Adobe PDF reader in order to read this document.

The Hologram Bible (web page) Christian Holography 3D
The Hologram Bible contains all 1,245 individual pages, and 773,746 words of the King James Bible. It is the size of an average snowflake. Its mission is to one day bring Scripture to areas of the world where the Christian Holy Bible is banned. Its size is just the beginning of what makes it different from every other Bible in the world today.

World's Smallest Lord's Prayer (web page) Christian Holography 3D
The width of a single human hair, I propose that this is the world's smallest rendition of the Lord's Prayer. It contains its own magnification encoded into the hologram itself. Reported in many top newspapers across the USA and NBC 10 (Philadelphia) in Sept. 2013, and shown in many science museums and expositions including the Smithsonian and the New York Hall of Science.

HOLOTELEGRAPHY: The Genesis DNA Hologram (web page) Christian Holography
A 3D laser hologram of human DNA that also *transmits* a carrier beacon of laser light containing audible Morse code of the first book of Genesis. (Genesis is the root word of today's scientific gene and genetics). "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth" ... certainly my most conceptually challenging piece to date.

School of Holography

"Science is the study of the physical manifestations of God in action."
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