Shroud of Turin Laser Research

Utilizing 3D laser imaging, the Shroud of Turin can be visually examined by anyone, anywhere in the world.

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The Shroud of Turin is the most scientifically examined artifact in world history. However, it is a limited resource for scientists, and the material will not last forever. The threads have been going through changes since its creation, and will continue to go through changes throughout time. How can the Shroud of Turin be frozen in time, so that scientists of the future can see it as if it hasn't aged from this point forward? My proof-of-concept enquiry suggests 3D laser photography, or holography.

With holograms, the fibers of the Shroud can be recorded in ultra high resolution (up to 10,000 lines per millimeter). Since the recording is holographic, the image of the fibers would remain three dimensional, exactly as they had been at the time of the recording. The holographic recordings can then be duplicated, and sent to researchers around the world -- without the Shroud ever leaving its protective storage. Of course, I do not have access to the Shroud of Turin, so I will utilize a similar piece of herringbone linen for my holograms.

herringbone linen as with the Shroud of Turin
For my microscope holograms, I will utilize a similar piece of herringbone linen to that of the Shroud of Turin.

I have demonstrated in the past that it is possible to record 3D laser holograms on thin-film photopolymer emulsion, then reconstruct the holograms for viewing under high-power 3D stereoscopic microscopes. This gives the same result to the observer as the object physically being there: it can be examined with just as much authority as the "real thing".

widow's mite coin holograms under the microscope
Both the real widow's mite (left) and the holographic image widow's mite (right) are three dimensional when viewed through a 3D stereo microscope.

There have been other holograms made of the Shroud of Turin recently. However, these are display holograms to show the "face in the Shroud", and also full-body dimension. These previous projects were to display the dimensional properties of the *image* in the shroud. They did not provide the ability to examine the fibers of the cloth itself under high powered microscopes in three dimensions. My enquiry is for scientific and technical purposes, not for display, and should not be compared in any way to previous work by others (as fascinating and important as that work has been by them, of course). I would just like to distinguish the difference between the two efforts.

My work should begin in the months of July and August 2017. I will be updating this web page with the results. This work will be on display and demonstrated at the 2017 World Maker Faire, New York Hall of Science, September 22 and 23, as well as my other traveling presentations for the Fall season of 2017.

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